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Top Ultimate Luxury Crossovers/SUV’s of 2016

Who wants something super luxury? Who doesn’t want something that looks absolutely amazing and will definitely get you luxury on the inside? Well these vehicles are extremely high luxury and they are vehicles you’re not going to want to miss looking at (though no one is really going to be able to afford them in a regular lifetime. But these vehicles are the best of the best out there and if you could afford them … well you’re going to absolutely love driving them everywhere you go.

Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga is super luxury and it looks like it from the outside all the way in. This car gets very low gas mileage (only 10-18 miles per hour) but it looks just like it is, elegant. The twin turbo engine means that you get 600 horsepower and you can get this thing from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds flat. The inside is made with leather, and not just any leather but super soft leather that makes you feel amazing when you slide behind the wheel. You’ll also have no problem with the size on the inside, with up to five seats. You’ll even be able to get diesel and hybrid options at some point in the future because the company is working on it. Of course, you’re going to pay a fortune for this vehicle, but when you get behind the wheel you’re definitely going to understand why.

Mercedes-AMG G63

The other option is the Mercedes-AMG G63 and G65, which is definitely an interesting vehicle. It has a unique style that’s almost paying homage to the old Model T vehicles with its shape, but it definitely makes a difference. This vehicle offers twin-turbo engines and over 600 horsepower to go along with it in the upgraded version. You’re also going to love sliding behind the wheel because it has absolutely everything you’re looking for. On the inside you get luxury styling, high tech features and everything you could possibly think would be inside a car in this day and age and then some. Your entire family is going to adore this car, if you can get together the money it’s going to take to afford it, which most of us definitely aren’t.

These vehicles are definitely out of the price range for just about everyone, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to have to miss out entirely on a luxury vehicle. It just means you’re going to need to look a little harder and you’ll be able to find the car of your dreams. Take a few minutes to fill out this application and you’ll be ready to do it for yourself, and you’ll be able to get driving in no time at all.